PEFA Working Committee

A PEFA Working Committee is also created to support the implementation of the PFM activities in Nepal. The Working Committee basically provides business to the Steering Committee and supports the implementation of PFM reform initiatives. It also coordinates the sectoral PEFA implementation activities. The composition of the Working Committee is as follows: 

  • Member Secretary, PFM Reform Steering Committee- Coordinator
  • Assistant Auditor General, OAG -Member
  • Joint Secretary, National Natural Resource and Fiscal Commission -Member
  • Joint Secretary, (NPC) -Member
  • Joint Secretary, (OPCM) -Member
  • Joint Financial Comptroller General, FCGO -Member
  • Joint Secretary (PPMO) -Member
  • Joint Secretary, (MoFAGA) -Member
  • Joint Secretary, (MoPIT) -Member
  • Joint Secretary, (MoHP) -Member
  • Joint Secretary, (MoEST) -Member
  • Under Secretary, Budget & Program Division, MoF Member
  • Under Secretary, Revenue Management Division, MoF Member
  • Member Secretary, PEFA Secretariat -Member Secretary


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