PFM Steering Committee

It is chaired by the MoF Secretary and comprises:

1 Secretary (Finance), Ministry of Finance Chairman
2 Secretary (Revenue), Ministry of Finance Vice-Chairman
3 Deputy Auditor General, Office of the Auditor General Member
4 Secretary (Responsible for Finance and Planning), Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers Member
5 Financial Comptroller General, Financial Comptroller General Office Member
6 Secretary, National Natural Resource and Fiscal Commission Member
7  Secretary, National Planning Commission Member
8 Secretary, Public Procurement Monitoring Office Member
9 Secretary, Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration Member
10 Secretary, Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport  Member
11 Secretary, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Member
12 Secretary, Ministry of Health and Population Member
13 Joint Secretary, Budget and Program Division, MOF Member
14 Joint Secretary. IECCD, MoF Member
15 Chairman, Transparency International Nepal Member
16 Chairman, FNCCI Member
17 Coordinator, PEFA Secretariat Member Secretary


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