Policy based fiscal strategy and budgeting
Pillars Indicators Dimensions
IV. Policy-based fiscal strategy and budgeting 14 Macroeconomic and fiscal forecasting 14.1 Macroeconomic forecasts
14.2 Fiscal forecasts
14.3 Macrofiscal sensitivity analysis
15. Fiscal strategy 15.1 Fiscal impact of policy proposals
15.2 Fiscal strategy adoption
15.3 Reporting on fiscal outcomes
16.Medium-term perspective inexpenditure budgeting 16.1 Medium-term expenditure estimates
16.2 Medium-term expenditure ceilings
16.3 Alignment of strategic plans and medium-term budgets
16.4 Consistency of budgets with previous years estimates
17. Budget preparation process 17.1 Budget calendar
17.2 Guidance on budget preparation
17.3 Budget submission to the legislature
18. Legislative scrutiny of budge 18.1 Scope of budget scrutiny
18.2 Legislative procedures for budget scrutiny
18.3 Timing of budget approval
18.4 Rules for budget adjustment by the executive


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